Regiastone is an Indy Game Developer base on Surabaya, Indonesia.

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Blo the kelelawar, Regiastone, Game Developer, Surabaya, Indonesia

Blo The Kelelawar

This is a game of a little bat name Blo. Help him to get through all the obstacle ahead this cave. Compete with your friend and compare who gets higher score.

Paperman is a new design on the paper and one day suddenly some books fall upon the paper.


Paperman is an action adventure game with variety of weapons you can use to defeated enemy you may encounter. With various gameplay and extra level to challenge with your friends.

Tunnel War

Tunnel War

Tunnel War is a strategy game. Human can no longer live on surface because to many radioactive cause by war. Now they all live on underground tunnels. Raise your army and lead your colony to win battle against other player.


God'r Earth Shrine 

Upcoming Game

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